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Ahh, looting the library is so wonderful.

I was wandering the shelves of the local library on a Saturday afternoon.
Children's ficiton section. Which I read often. Pulling books at random I came across this one. I liked the title, so I checked out the book not knowing a thing about it other than the title and cover art.

My Rant About Glitter & Gold Foil:
I almost didn't take this one because the of the added gold foil lettering and glitter stamped onto the cover art. 
It made it seem like they were trying too hard. Kind of like what Disney does a lot with their stuff. Too perfect. Too cute, too everything. Really, does a good story need anything other than plain ink and paper? But then I thought of the Harry Potter books and they had amazing cover art (Thank goodness they didn't try to add glitter and gold foil though). So I picked it up anyways and this is the end of my rant paragraph about glitter.

Two days later, while reading on page 236, it dawned on me that I was digging the plot and pace of the unraveling story.

Three enchanted knots are the only thing standing between an old witch and the dark mischeif she wants to inflict on those around her at Fablehaven. How she get's the knots undone is sad. As is the book. But it's wonderfully imaginative too and loaded with creatures from all sorts of fables.

And really I haven't even mentioned to you about the three main characters and how they find themselves interacting with the witch. Or the Satyrs, Water Nymphs, and Fairies.

I can see, after reading this first in the series, why it made it's way onto the New York Times bestselling list.

I hope your curiosity is piqued and you check it out of the library or get it online Fablehaven At

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