A Book I Recommend For Dumb & Smart Aspiring Actors Alike

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Breaking Into Acting For Dummies

It Isn't About How To Act. It's About How To Get Into The Business of Acting.

I admit that take some pleasure at the look that crosses a face when I tell them to read this. 

I picked up my first copy of "Breaking Into Acting For Dummies" while I was scouring the local library for any and every title that had anything to do with the topic. This book was eye opening. Much of it is very simple information. Laying a foundation that can be built upon with your own experiences as an actor.

This Book Is:
About the business side of things. Covering such things as questions to ask agents, how head shots ought to look, and how the acting industry works in California specifically. Delving into the Breakdown services that Casting directors use when casting projects.

It's easy to find on Amazon Breaking Into Acting For Dummies or see if your local library has a copy.