20 Reasons to Show Special Politeness to Other People, by Lynn Truss

1 they are older
2 they know more than you do
3 they know less than you do
4 they got here first
5 they have educational qualifications in the subject under discussion
6 you are in their house
7 they once helped you financially
8 they have been good to you all your life
9 they are less fortunate than you
10 they have achieved status in the wider world
11 you are serving them in a shop
12 they are in the right
13 they are your boss
14 they work for you
15 they are a policeman/teacher/doctor/judge
16 they are in need
17 they are doing you a favor
18 they paid for the tickets
19 you phoned them, not the other way around
20 they have a menial job

I love, love, love this list. Came across it while reading British author Lynne Truss's book "Talk to the Hand."

From chapter five of her book:
"Respect and consideration are traditionally due to other people for all sorts of reasons, some big, some small. Here are twenty (mostly lapsed) reasons to show special politeness to other people that have nothing to do with [social hierarchy] class."

Lynn has a great sense of humor. (She is British and it shows.) I've also read her book "Eats shoots and leaves" on punctuation and found it wonderful.

Photo by Graur Codrin

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