12 Scary Films For The Faint of Heart

I f you are anything like me, easily-frightened by horror films, then you maybe shouldn't watch these 12 films... though I liked 'em.
This list will quickly be very obvious to horror buffs that Paul gets squeamish easily- hence the absence of typical horror slasher flicks.

Note: a few of the movies on the list aren't classified as horror films in the genre... but they made Paul's list because it's his list and they freaked him out.
1. Vertigo (1958) Psychological horror
2. Resident Evil (2002) Horror action
3. Pans Labrynth (2006) Drama
4. Pacific Heights (1990) Phsycological Thriller about a psycho tenant
5. Shawn of the Dead (2004) Comedy Zombie Movie
6. Psycho (1960) horror
7. 28 Days Later (2002) Zombie Movie
8. The Decent (2005) Horror/psychological horror
9. Diabolique (1955) Psychological horror
10. Underworld (2003) Horror Action Vamp/Wherewolf
11. Arlington Road (1999) Psychological thriller
12. The Others (2001) Supernatural thriller


  1. Try "Portrait of Terror" an old B&W thriller that scared me as a kid

  2. Ahh, sounds pretty interesting from the things I see online about it. Thank you for the suggestion. I think I may even be able to watch it alone. :)

  3. ALso, if you get the chance, an old b&w gem called Curse of the Demon (Night of the Demon)

  4. Hey, Thanks for the recommendation Horror-Fix. I looked it up at my local library and put a request on it. Will let you know what I think!


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