Experimenting With Tulip Bulb Plantings Makes Me Smile

Watering the Tulips
Spent the Autumn afternoon potting Tulip bulbs. Hoping that In seven months, they'll bloom. I mixed the pots so they each have a blend of colors. Hot pink & blazing orange.

I am trying out potting them instead of putting them into the ground. I like that they are movable that way. Or I can give them away as a gift once they bloom next spring.

The tulip potting instructions I came across online said similar things:

1. Plant in Pot Early 
enough in the season for roots to develope before it freezes outdoors. Plant bulbs 6 inches deep in each pot. Make sure the
round end of the bulb is pointed down. Cover with soil and press it down gently with your fingers. Water thoroughly after planting until water drains from the bottom of the pot.

2. Store in a cold space, 
like a garage.

3. Begin watering once a week in the Spring 
& move into a sunny location.

I'll see if it works.

I enjoyed reaing the book "The Tulip" by Anna Pavord. She delves into such past times of the Tulip in Turkey, Europe, and of course Holland in the Tulipmania of the early 1600's.

"In an auction held in Holland in February 1637, 99 lots of tulip bulbs fetched a staggering 90,000 guilders, more than $3.5 million in today's money. Tulipomania had reached its height, and its story is told in just one of the fascinating sections of Anna Pavord's wonderful book on this most seductive of flowers."