Pianist Loses Arm Yet Continues To Play

At the family estate, summer 1917. Paul Wittgenstein is second
from left; his philosopher brother Ludwig Wittgenstein is at right.
Photo by Michael Nedo
After having his right arm amputated in WWI, stubborn pianist Paul Wittgenstein kept playing using only his left hand. 

The Beauty of the Music Makes My Heart Swell

I came across his life story because I was listening to the Piano Concerto No. 2. 

Someone had to point it out that it was being played with only one hand.


I didn't realize it was being played with only one hand because I got caught up in the music and didn't read the entire title "Piano Concerto No. 2 For Left Hand Only Opus 23"

My jaw dropped. This beautiful piece of music was being played single handed? And I couldn't tell! Love it.

Paul Wittgenstein, from the book De Wittgensteins
History Tid Bit 

It was in 1923 that Paul Wittgenstein commissioned this Piano Concerto No. 2 by composer Sergei Bortkiewicz.

*Contented sigh*

I just finished requesting the book "The House of Wittgenstein" from the library.