Another Faust... Books I've Read On-Set

Honestly, I didn't read this book.

But wait. Don't stop reading just yet. 

I listened to it on CD.

It's an updated take on the classic "Faust" tale.

What I like about this one is that the characters each are fleshed out to my liking.
While they each have their flaws and make bad desicions, there's enough of each of their back story included to show some of the reasons why they made the decisions they did. And the ending had me very pleased.

I really found the line spoken near the end when one of the characters is speaking to the devil about her soul. She tells the devil that one doesn't sell their soul once in their lifetime to the devil, but that desicion happens multiple times every day. Made me stop and think.

And the story has some fun teen angst stuff in it too.