The Perfect Scent... Books I've Read On Set

I was picking up some manilla envelopes at my local dollar store when a good friend called me to discuss some movies we had just seen. Not wanting to leave the store while on my phone (because it was winter outside and I didn't drive, but walked to the store without my mittens.) I stayed in the store during the call, and just wandered while talking.

I found myself in the book section, and started fingering through the titles, half paying attention to them. I saw this one "The Perfect Scent, A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York" by Chandler Burr.
I picked it up and glanced inside reading through a few lines while still talking on the phone. I wound up buying it, and am super pleased with it.

The book delves into the world of perfumers. Giving a very artistic, yet well rounded with science, look into the world of luxury that is scent.

The author does an amazing job of blending art and science. His descriptions of scent and perfume is brilliant. I had to put the book down several times while reading to look up fragrances online that he was talking about. (I wanted to see what the bottles looked like.)

Since reading the book, I've found myself following perfumer's blogs and such.  And have begun looking around for a cologne that is me. :)

If you are into cologne and perfume, are kinda geeky with science, this is a great read.