Vampire-like In Roller Skates

Making movies isn't always glamorous. (No big surprise.)

While some of it is. Like having someone style your hair, do make-up, choose wardrobe, take your photograph, etc. There are parts of it that (like any job) really are mundane and down right tiring.

My latest vampire-like filming schedule begins at 2:30am on Friday for the film "M4W."

While I am considered a night-owlish because I tend to stay up reading until about 1am, a 2:30 am call time makes me, well, yawn.
It makes me want to curl up and sleep just thinking about that call-time.

But... if I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it.

So I am going to stop clacking the keys, putting out my "woe is me" about something as silly as a call-time and instead write about how honestly I am excited.

M4W is a fun script about a man and woman that meet online, share emails for a few months. Then meet in person at a roller-rink. Only to find that in real life things aren't as easy as they are online. 

Am looking forward to working alongside actress Sheena Leigh. She hails orginally from Minnesota, but now is a Californian. As well as Cynthia Uhrich, the writer/director of the project.

I am going to dance a bit in the roller skates.