Opening A Letter From A Foreign Country Makes Me Smile

Opening the post office box and fishing out letters with stickers from places like "Luftpost" & "Deutsche Post" makes me want to tear into my mail while standing in front of the walls of locked PO Boxes.
But I don't.
There's something delectable about waiting until I am back home and sitting at my writing desk to look over the envelope. It's like waiting to eat one's desert. The anticipation.

I can't help but grin ear to ear when I get notes from other countries from autograph collectors of a variety of ages. While I utilize email for most of my daily correspondence, I really like opening letters that are written on paper and have been sent through the post. 

I will write more with pen and ink this year. It's wonderful.


  1. I've been reading through a box of love letters my grandfather wrote to my grandmother 60 years ago. They all have Canal Zone postage stamps. The U.S. exclusively controlled the canal until 1979, so those stamps are also pretty special.

  2. I love that. What a blessing to have those! I for one would love to read any letters that my grandfather sent to my grandmother.


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