Taking Off Your Clothes: Awkward Moments On Set

I find wardrobe fittings to be a necessary evil.

Necessary because it's important to figure out what a character will look like in their clothes, and how they relate to other character's clothes... etc.

The awkwardness is that for me, the actor, I feel like am a human hanger during a fitting.

I wonder if this is what models feel like?

Stripping out of clothes. Trying on grey pants instead of khaki. Then standing in front of the wardrobe designer and the director. Having them stare at ya, but not looking at ya- rather the clothes.
When I am acting I have things to do in a scene. With fittings, I just try on clothes and stand while people stare at me and make comments about the way my backside isn't filling out the rear of the pants, so maybe the khaki's would be better as they seem to fit better.

It's an awkward feeling.

I've decided that models don't have an easy life.