Singlets, Stubbies, & Speedos, Lesson On New Zealand Slang

A friend in New Zealand (where it is currently Summer) was talking to me today about it being so hot that everyone's in their Stubbies, Singlets, and Bungee smugglers.

Which had me scratching my head as here in the States we don't have anything called "stubbies" and singlets are the skin tight uniforms that wrestlers wear, and what is a Bungee Smuggler? So the mental image was rather funny to me.
Especially if you add to the wrestling gear image the fact that I imagine everyone in New Zealand to be characters from the Lord of the Rings, like Hobbits and Elves.

So, I did have to ask for clarification.

What I learned is that in New Zealand, those short shorts that were so popular here in the States in the 1970's... well, they never went out of style. All the guys wear them in the summer there. And they are referred to as "stubbies." 

Singlets aren't spandex wrestling uniforms. They are just like what we wear, but call basketball jerseys.

Bungee Smugglers are what are wore to the beach. In Europe and here in the states we'd call them speedos. The term "bungee" would mean literally "little bird". I assume you can get the reference. It made me chuckle.

Stubbies Short Shorts
I do love that they call sun glasses "Sunnys."