BONE... Books I've Read While On-Set

Am always sniffing around for something to read while I wait on a film set for the next camera set up.

So for January's "Books I've Read While On Set" I found a great read with Bone, by Jeff Smith.

His epic 1344 page graphic novel that took him 12 years to complete, is sure to make your hand sore from holding it by it's sheer weight. It's worth it. With dragons, cartoon characters, adorable animals of the forest, pretty girls, and things called rat creatures.

Love the dry humor in parts of it, and the art is awesome. Was sad when it was all done reading.

If you are into graphic novels check it out.


  1. I spent an entire evening reading Bone my freshman year of college. A dormmate was studying in the common room and let me borrow his book. I never got to finish the story. I'll have to check this one out!


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