4 Ways to Survive in a Horror Movie

Scream Queen Rachel Grubb and Actor Paul Cram
Actors Paul Cram & Rachel Grubb share their tips on how to survive in a scary movie, along with a movie suggestion that they each like that goes along with the tip.

1. Never Take Off Your Clothes
Especially if you take a shower. The person who shows the most skin first always dies. 

Rachel's movie: Deep Red, By Dario Argento. A musician sees the murder of a psychic & teams up with a reporter to find the killer.
Paul's movie: Psycho, by Alfred Hitcock. A young woman steals $40K, & encounters a young motel proprietor too long under the domination of his mother.

2. Stay Away From the Creepy Looking House

But since it’s inevitable that you’ll wind up inside, remember not to run upstairs to escape. Your chances of survival are just as good if you simply stood still and shouted "Your Momma’s So Fat” jokes. At least then you’d drown out the psycho killer’s deep breathing. 

Rachel's movie: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, by Tobe Hooper. 5 friends visit their grandpa's house & are hunted by a chainsaw wielding killer.
Paul's movie: House, by Robby Henson. It’s set in rural Alabama, where two couples find themselves running from a maniac (The Tin Man) bent on playing a cat & mouse killing game.

3. Always Be Nice to the Shy Unpopular Girl

Practice the Golden Rule. Be especially nice to the mousy girl in school. Trust me, when prom roles around you’ll thank me. That being said, go ahead and slap the screaming hysterical girl because she’s the one that will distract everyone when there is real danger. 

Rachel's movie: Ginger Snaps, by John Fawcett. 1 of the Fitzgerald sisters gets bitten by something in the woods. The film uses Wherewolfism as a metaphor of puberty.
Paul's movie: Hangman’s Curse, by Rafael Zielinski. Bullying students fall deathly ill after screaming the name of a legendary ghost.

4. Don’t Test Urban Legends or Take the Occult Lightly

Especially don’t read outloud a cryptic occult curse or joke about the local folk lore, these are sure-fire ways to end up dead, or running from a demon intent on killing you.

Rachel's movie: The Ring, by Gore Verbinski. A journalist investigates a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing it.
Paul's movie: What Lies Beneath, by Robert Zemekis. Wife of a university research scientist believes her lakeside Vermont home is haunted by a ghost -- or she's losing her mind.

What are some of your tips to survive in a horror film? Or any of your favorite flicks?