Paul Cram Underwear Video

Looking in the full length mirror, I see my reflection staring back at me. I can't help but chuckle as I am in a sherbert orange unitard. 

Taking a deep breath, I walk out onto set where I'll be playing the role of an interpretive dancer. (For those that don't know what a unitard is, I am attaching a photo from set.) 

Boxers Briefs or Unitards
I don't suppose that the spot I danced in will alter the famous question from "Boxers or briefs?" to "Boxers or Briefs or Unitards?" But it would be funny to ask anyhow just to throw people off. Before filming this spot, I had never wore one before. And I gotta say, they are awkward for a guy to wear! It's like walking around in just your underwear. (Which would prolly be better actually, as plain underwear kinda maintain their sense of dignity.)

Paul Cram in Underwear = Funny
I do love the stuff I find myself doing though as an actor. When else is it alright to dance around in a unitard and act all goofy while at work? And I get why they cast me, it's all because of my body type. (If you don't think a skinny guy doing interpretive dance in a sherbert orange unitard is funny... well I don't what that says about your lack of a sense of humor. )

See Paul's Underwear Video Dance
I am very glad that my video audition where I was dancing and crawling around on the floor in spandex running tights for the spot won't find it's way online. But I am sure that the final version of the spot that has me dancing around like a nut in my underwear unitard will make it's way to YouTube. I'll post it for some laughs.