Play The 3 Minute Comedy Zombie Flick

Here's a tip: Don't Answer the Door. In the 3 minute film "Unwelcomed" Paul Plays a Mormon Zombie. Yep, a Mormon Zombie. It was shot on location in Hollywood, California.

zombie movie photo

Watch & you'll hear why my lines on this horror zombie movie project were so easy to learn. 

To me. zombies are scary either alone or in huge groups. Alone because you might not notice one until it's too late, and it's obvious why you'd be afraid of a huge number of them- because you may run out of ammo before they all die. Which wouldn't be a good thing at all.

I find the pop-culture version of Zombies to be an odd departure from the history behind them.
paul cram zombie photo

A Zombie is classicly an animated corpse. Usually animated by use of witchcraft or sorcery. Currently so many movies are taking the approach of science being the thing that animates the corpses- like we see in such films as Resident Evil, and 28 Days Later which use virus type means to explain the reanimation.

This short doesn't delve into any of the reasons behind what is going on... Enjoy!

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