Fight Club Style Soap

Answer 8 movie quiz questions about independent film actor Paul Cram's movies, getting at least 3 answers correct & you'll win a Fight Club* style bar of handmade pink soap made by the actor himself. Deadline to enter is Monday.

The process of making the lye soap is a home made hot process. It utilizes lye as the agent that deconstructs the molecular structure of the fats and oils, and reconstructs them into soap during the sopanification process. Which takes about an hour in the Hot Process, as opposed to a month long of curing with the cold process of soap making.

The outcome is a highly frothing bubbly, pink soap that smells powerfully of peppermint.

Each hand made bar of Actor Paul Cram's soap is made of vegetable fats. Including Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and is scented with Mint.

*There is only vegetable fats used in the making of the soap. The soap is logo free.