Trying Out New Ingredients Makes Me Smile

Lemon grass - Manitowoc Farmers' MarketDo You Relate?

Ever found yourself standing at the market looking at cool sounding produce like Leeks, Lemon Grass, or Ugly Fruit but have no idea really what to use them for?
I Like How Lemon Grass Tastes & Smells

Today I bought some lemon grass because it smelled so great. Brought it home, chopped it up and added it to a spinach salad. It's amazing really. The scent and flavor.

What I Discovered Online

While munching on my spinach, & lemon grass salad, I looked online for information about it. Besides being really good for you health-wise, Lemon Grass is used in home made soap making too! (Am thinking I'll make a batch of Rosemary Lemon Grass soap.) 

Some Geeky Facts About Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass is grown as a perennial in tropical climates. It lasts for about 4 years, and the plant multiplies in sort of clump like root structures that can be broken apart. It's lemony scent is an essential oil (Cymbopogon citratus) that resides in the stalks, and is also found in the peel of lemons.  Besides use in cooking, it also is used sometimes as insect repellent.

Something You Ought to Know About Cooking With Lemon Grass

Because of the fibrous texture of the grass, you have to either smash it up or cut in horizontally very thinly when using it to cook with. Which makes sense, considering it is a thick grass. If you don't, it's really hard to chew and break apart.

Has anyone else used Lemon Grass in their cooking? Favorite dish to make?