Indelible Movie Review

The film "Indelible" that has me playing a scruffy meth addict is hitting netflix. Check it out. 

Here's the latest review:
Life is complicated. It’s rare for things to be strictly black and white, right or wrong, and the choices we make have consequences. Donnie Arnett (Charlie Matthes) has learned that the hard way. After serving eight years in prison for his involvement in a drug deal gone horribly wrong, Donnie is finally free. Of course, in director Rick Amundson’s film INDELIBLE, freedom, like so many other things, is complicated.

Now that he’s done his time, Donnie wants to build a relationship with his twelve year old daughter Grace (Mackenzie Pelletier). His wife Gayle (Tess Gill) has other ideas. She’s taken up with Rickie (Paul Cram), the son of the supplier Donnie used to work for. The pair are both meth addicts and want nothing to do with Donnie. Gayle even threatens that she’d rather see Grace dead than with her father..."
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