Horror Movie Podcast - Christina Ricci & Liam Nieson in After.Life - Special Guest Paul Cram

Horror Movie Podcast Zombie Sketch

I had a blast while I was a guest on the podcast titled HMPod, with the hosts Bill Chete and Chrisifix.
Episode: The Horror Movie Show Podcast "Kitschy Take on Aliens"
During the show, we review a couple of movies and give their thoughts and scores much like one would in the Olympics. We chatted about the films "After.Life" and "Forbidden World."
After.Life stars Liam Nieson and Christina Ricci.


  1. Just listened to the show over on hmpod and you did excellent. You sound like a really neat guy. I will look for some of your movies.

    Your so cute by the way. :)


    PS I heard you wanted U.S. people, I am from the U.S!

  2. loved your appearance on the horror movie show. you sound really neat and i have seen you in a few movies.

    ohh by the way, i am from the u.s., florida actually and i think you are so cute :)


  3. Thank you! It's really cool to get a few comments from the US. Like I said in the podcast it seems to be that I keep gettign notes from Japan and the UK. (Nothing worng with that of course)

    I really appreciate the comments and I do hope that you enjoy some of the films I've had the fun of working in.


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