Last Breath filming

Pleased to be a cast member in the upcoming independent film "Last Breath," written and directed by Ian Hansing.

Film Synopsis: 
After an extended camping trip deep into the Boundary Waters, two young men (JOHNNY and STEVEN) return to a world devastated by a deadly flu. They soon become sick, meet a survivor(EMILY) who explains to them what has happened and then race home for help. Johnny knows that if they can not find help, he must to come to terms with his own mortality before succumbing.

Johnny: Hugh Kennedy
Steven: AJ Sass
Emily: Laurel Armstrong
Don: John Cromwell
Margaret: Heidi Fellner
Amanda/Bound Woman: Jane Hammill
Andrew: Paul Cram

Principle shooting will be August 21st - September 12th.
Got questions? They can be directed to the film's producer at