Minneapolis Actor Amongst All Star Cast

Paul Cram performs briefly alongside Golden Globe nominee Cillian Murphy in thePeacock Movie Postertwisted thriller Peacock being released by Lionsgate to DVD April 20, 2010. The filmalso stars Academy Award nominee Ellen Paige, & Academy Award Winner Susan Sarandon.
The movie follows John Skillpa, a quiet bank clerk living in Peacock, Nebraska, who lives a life of solitude. Then, in a moment, everything changes. A train caboose runs off it's tracks and crashes into his backyard, destroying more than the weathered planks of his wood fence. When neighbors descend on the scene, they discover Skillpa's other personality, Emma, for the first time and mistakenly believe believe her to be his wife. This launches him into the glare of spot light and eventually shatters the delicate balance of his sanity.
Paul landed his role of Kenny (a quick tongued 18-year-old) in the film after being called in to audition for a different role-- a sleazy 40 year old man.