Working with Cillian Murphy

Filmed my role of KENNY in the movie "Peacock" with actor Cillian Murphy in a tiny town down past Des Moines, Iowa. While on-set Cillian and I discovered we have the same build as we were trying on zip-up sweaters. It's rare for me to come across someone that I can toss sweaters to across an aisle and have them try it on while tossing me the one they had on. Cillian actually took his sweater, grabbed the one I was trying on and went to the register with them. He bought them for us, I told him I would pay for mine but he said "It's a gift." All in all a great experience. Look for the film, it stars Cillian Murphy, Ellen Paige, Susan Sarandon, & Bill Pullman.


  1. I had the weirdest dream about Cillian Murphy last night...Have you discussed acting techniques?

    p.s. hi. Im Caitlin

  2. Hello Caitlin,

    You dreamt about Cillian, cool.
    Cillian and I spoke about our theater experiences and plays that we have been in, though we didn't delve into the techniques we utilize while performing. It's an interesting question though- I am curious about it. Do you have an acting technique that you utilize?

    Nice to meet you, Paul

  3. Paul ought to play Tobin Bell's son in a movie.

  4. Oh yeah, Cillian is my all time favorite actor...I'm so jealous that you get to work with him!

    I took a course last semester called "playing the actions," which was really illuminating. My professor hammered the action into us--he didn't settle for anything less and could always (quite amazingly) see through bullshit. A lot of people struggle with the technique because it's kind of like slapping math onto the only thing left you thought was completely divorced from that rigidity. I definately went through a grieving process. Perestroika of the craft. It was weird. But I swear by it now...(however I have recently been developing my own theories based on recent scientific discoveries)...

    My favorite book is The Actor and the Target. It's like my bible.

    Are you still shooting? Oh, btw, acting for the camera (for me) is way harder than stage acting. I took a class on that and would always screw up the shot by having my breifcase in the wrong hand or something...haha!



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