Mention in Minnesota Monthly Magazine

Tim Gihring of Minnesota Monthly Magazine had some nice things to say about me and my play in his 62 Reasons to Go Out This Weekend Blog posting:

"Meanwhile, keep your eye on a play at the Loading Dock Theatre in St. Paul that's going on hiatus this weekend but will return next week, May 15-17: Everywhere Signs Fall. The talent associated with this show is spooky. Literally. Paul Cram, one of the leads, has recently and unexpectedly made a remarkable career in horror films--he just has that quirky creepy thing down, and hey, he's not about to run from fortune (never run away--that's the first lesson of horror films). In fact, he just got cast in the film Peacock with Ellen Page (yes, the surprise Juno star), which is why the play is down this weekend. The talent pool continues with this project from its playwright (Alan Berks, co-creator of Thirst Theatre, the popular short plays staged in area bars) to its director (Leah Cooper, former director of the Fringe Festival) to its other leads, Guthrie regular Tracey Maloney and actor-about-town John Middleton. Berks is a deep dude, no doubt about it, unspooling this inquiry into the mysteries of coincidence with tantalizing tautness over the course of the play, while setting it in the aggressively anxious locale of an Arizona desert motel."

Read the whole blog post (and his weekly blog updates) by clicking HERE