Memorizing a two hour play

Feels like I've been hammering away for a long time at learning my lines for the play "Everywhere Signs Fall."
I've chatted with the actors and realize I am not the only one doing double time to get a grasp of the text. It is beautifully written, the cadence is great, but therein lies a little of the problem to memorize. It isn't how we talk. One of my lines "You can't make happen something that didn't happen." or "We investigate accidents, unexpected tragic seemingly random events that happen at specific times to the specific people they happen to."
Wonderful imagery, but awkward to memorize. I've found a little tape recorder is my best friend in this endeavor. Taping my que line, the line right before I deliver mine, and doing that scene by scene.

There seems to be a point after a few hours of working on memorization that my mind just refuses to take more in. I've broken the time up into smaller chunks and spread them apart.
Anyone have any tips on memorizing that helped you?

Back to my little tape recorder!