Playing the brother on-stage

~A photo of Tracey Maloney as Laura in "The Glass Menagerie"

Am diving into the script for the upcoming play I am in "Everywhere Signs Fall" by Alan Berks.
It shouldn't, but it does, surprise me that after reading a script six times that it is during the seventh or ninth read through when little nuggets of insight appear in the text for my character. I certainly feel like I fall into the category of actor that needs a bit of time to let things simmer before leaping on stage.

There are three characters total in "Everywhere Signs Fall": Jeremy (Paul Cram,) Juliet (Tracey Maloney), and Guy (John Middleton).
I am pleased that Jeremy and Juliet are siblings. Am looking forward to exploring that relationship in rehearsal and on-stage.

"Everywhere Signs Fall"

April 18-May 11
Gremlin Theatre
St. Paul, MN

(651) 228-7008