Paul Cram's Narration of Audio Sci-fi Short Story Staff Fave of 2016


Library love

Discovered there are 2 more full shelves of graphic novels behind the 1 that I already knew about.
Fun thing is I thought just the single 1 was overflowing with awesomeness,  but 3?! My mind is blown. I love the library.

Columbia Heights Actor stars in film at Film Fest

In this day in age, even movie actors can work remotely. Afar from Los Angeles, Columbia Heights-based actor Paul Cram stars in a dark drama that is part of the Twin Cities Film Fest. The film, Imperfect Sky, is a story about brotherly love alongside a dark twist of heroin addiction.
Imperfect Sky stars two estranged brothers who are torn apart during adolescence. Abel, the 16-year-old brother, is a strong-willed and smart student on the fast track to college, while his older brother Skyler has found himself in the grasps of drugs and addiction in South Central LA. Abel leaves home to reunite with his older brother, only to find that he’s hit rock bottom. Abel is determined to get Skyler back on his feet, although the battle with addiction proves to be a dark and gripping ride.

Cram plays Russ, a drug dealer who finds himself infatuated with Sky, and desperately wants to be loved. Cram said that this role wasn’t originally written for his build and body type.
Director Graham Streeter said in a statement, “Russ was originally written for a very muscular and tall man, covered in tattoos and piercings; but once Ann, the casting director, showed me Paul’s audition tape, I couldn’t get it out of my head whenever I thought about the role. So we rewrote a few things to make it all fit together with Paul in the role.”