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Newcastle England's Geek Apocalypse Podcast Talks with Paul Cram

Host Steven Hesse talks Paul Cram on an international Skype chat. They talk all about some of where Paul got his start as an actor, and recently working with Woody Harrelson on Wilson, and Paul also shares a great story about casting agent Mali Finn being kind to him, plus commercials vs voice acting!

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About Geek Apocalypse

Geek Apocalypse is a conversational podcast recorded in and around Newcastle, England where resident Geek Steven Hesse interviews a variety of local, upcoming or well known artists chatting about a number of Geek subjects or wherever the conversation takes us! The idea is that everything is interesting, we talk about our interests, other peoples interest, or failing that we debate whether Star Wars will be destroyed by disney. either way, its funny and you should give us a go! if you'd like to know more, then please go to the website to see other geeky fun stuff that we do!

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