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A Couple Questions with Author Maxwell Price

Author Maxwell Price wrote "The Culvert" which is a selection from Pseudopod the sound of horror as one of their October audio stories.

Maxwell Price is an ex-music journalist living somewhere in the deep south of the United States.

Paul: tell me a little bit about "The Culvert"?

Maxwell: "The Culvert" is an older story of mine, and I think at the time I was aiming for a dark fairy tale, probably after reading some of Neil Gaimen’s stuff along those lines. The ending, to me, is pure EC comics (GOOD LORD!! *Choke*).

Paul: *laughing* love it! What about you? Who are you or where did you get your start?

Maxwell: I started writing fiction to escape. Or more accurately, I started writing again; when I was a kid I loved short stories, especially pulp horror and fantasy anthologies, and I used to try to write something I imagined would fit in them. I picked up the habit after setting it down for about 10-15 years. Like I said, I think it’s mostly an escape, b…

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