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Calm serene sky

My good friend & writer Kathryn has launched her blog. It's all about being a calmer person. She's penning a book about being calmer now, and shares a snippet from her book in her latest blog post. A Bit of Calm From My Almost-Here Calmer Book

Short Audio Science Fiction Apocalypse Story by Krystal Claxton, Narrated by Paul Cram

Science Fiction Short Audio Story

Planar Ghosts is the short story set in a world that was devastated some time ago by an apocalypse. Listen now to part 1. of Planar Ghosts

Short Horror Story by Jon Padgett, Narrated by Paul Cram

Paul Cram Psuedopop Horror Narration

This is the audio short story of extended childhood sibling rivalry in which victim may be more unstable than realized... "Murmurs of a Voice Foreknown." Listen now for the 30 minute story.
"Your reader for this story, Paul Cram, has a very difficult job, and he nailed it!"
Horror Audio Story by Paul Cram

Rainy day

Rain coveted Minneapolis